Dragon Warcraft




Defend your castle from dragons and orcs


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Dragon Warcraft is a 'tower defense' game wherein our objective is to defend our heroes' castle against the attack of the lord of the dragons, who has awoken from his slumber and is ready to destroy everything in his path with the help of various underlings.

Your aim is to stop the advancing hordes, that will attack in unpredictable ways. They will advance by land and by air, attempting to avoid all of your traps and defensive elements.

Luckily, in addition to your troops and weapons, you also have various spells at your disposal that you can use whenever you like - as long as you have sufficient power.

One of the best parts of Dragon Warcraft is that you can improve the strength and effectiveness all of your defenses, from spells to weapons, as you progress through the levels.

Dragon Warcraft is an entertaining strategy game that uses simple but addictive machinery coupled with a visual theme featuring superb character design. One of the best 'tower defense' games available for Android.
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